“Sueellen Rocca: Bare Shouldered Beauty, Works from 1965 to 1969” at Matthew Marks Gallery is an astute look at the work of an important Chicago-based artist of the 1960’s who managed to make her distinct mark away from the male-dominated arts scene of New York. Resolutely representational, Rocca developed her own pictorial vocabulary of everyday objects and phenomenon and set them onto a map that neither castigated nor deified the role of women and mothers in the 1960s. The show probably takes its name from Rocca’s large-scale painting “Chocolate Chip Cookie” (pictured) from 1965 where a bare shouldered woman reigns over a surreal landscape dotted with rings, children, household objects, food, and clothing in a field of purple and raw canvas – a brilliant rendering of Rocca’s delicate balancing act at the time as a wife, artist and mother of two small children. Through October 22.