Welcome to the gym from hell! Gladstone Gallery is re-visiting Matthew Barney’s break-out exhibition “Facility of Decline” from 1991 with the familiar sexual fetishist exercise equipment cast in polyethylene, petroleum jelly, sucrose, and tapioca. Barney’s critically acclaimed videos “Radical Drill” and “Blind Perenium”, shown on high-mounted small TV-projectors masquerading as surveillance cameras, give a taste of what’s to come in form of his brilliant “Cremaster” series. Two key sculptures of the exhibition “Transsexualis”, housed in a private gym room that looks and feels like a meat locker and “Repressia” a wrestling mat in flesh color, frame this seminal exhibition that examines masculinity, sexual fetishes, gender ambiguousness, the malleability of sculpture and the value of the aesthetic object. Through October 22.