Depending on one’s interpretation, Hans-Peter Feldmann is either a passionate collector or an incorrigible hoarder. The Hugo-Boss-Prize winning conceptual artist, who famously pasted his $100,000 prize in 100,000 one dollar bills on a gallery wall, obsessively collects photographs, paintings, toys, or books, just to re-arrange them in carefully conceived installations but not before tweaking them a bit for fun. His work, therefore, fits more into the realm of curator-sophist than artist-maker. For his new solo exhibition at 303 Gallery, Feldmann suspends a sea of slightly altered amateur portrait paintings and seascapes from the ceiling, creating a work in itself that is subject to an entirely new interpretation by the viewer. Glaring denunciation of an overabundance of bad art on the market? Trepidation at the daily avalanche of mundane images? The organizing of similar objects as a metaphor to find empowerment in groups? The reading is manifold and complex but the artist stays silent. Through October 29.