With a female presidency now tantalisingly near, it is fitting that New York is currently celebrating all things Ellen Cantor. Cantor’s seminal exhibition “Coming to Power” just closed to critical acclaim at Maccarone gallery, her video installation “Be my Baby” (1999) is on until October 23 at Foxy Production, Moma is screening her seminal film “Pincochet Porn” on October 31, Participant Inc. is showing related work and a host of public programming and talks are scheduled all around town. Perhaps the most cerebral examination into the pioneering feminist’s work, however, is being presented at 80WSE gallery. Since 2008 until her untimely death in 2013, Cantor laboured obsessively to incorporate her manifold drawings into her magnum opus, “Pinochet Porn”. In a clever curatorial maneuver, sets of Cantor’s drawings which amalgamate sexual fantasies and popular culture, are being paired with select clips of the film; playing on her deep-rooted assault on the placid and imbecilic presentation of female characters in animated movies. Through November 12.