In 1968 Austrian artist Maria Lassnig threw off the shackles of a male-dominated and history-chocked European arts milieu and set out for the hotbed of New York’s dynamic downtown arts scene. Lassnig’s twelve-year stay in New York proved extremely formative for the artist and is subject to a small but beautiful exhibition at Petzel Gallery’s uptown location. Several wonderful drawings and arresting watercolors aside, it is the eight paintings that stand out. Lassnig’s theory of Körpergefühl (body awareness) which attempts to transfer bodily sensations and mental vulnerably via the canvas onto the viewer is particularly profound in her haunting self-portraits and has been exceptionally influential on future generations of artists. Selbstporträt mit Gurkenglas (1971) shows a middle-aged Lassnig holding a jar of pickles, defiantly looking at the viewer, the greenish tint of the work reflecting the contents of the jar; a wry commentary on the tumultuous workings of the artist’s inner self. Through October 29.