According to its recent advertising pitch, “The new Samsung Family Hub is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before”. In addition to improving your social and family life, the new Samsung Family Hub also promises to let you order groceries online, has cameras inside that tell your phone what’s inside, has an app that allows you to control the temperature, and has voice interaction system that lets you talk to your fridge from your car. If that sounds scary to you, it’s because it is. Enter Mark Leckey, the Turner-prize winning artist, who made the horrors of the Samsung Family Hub part of his sprawling exhibition at MOMAPS1. While the rest of the exhibition delves into deeply personal excursions of childhood memories and investigations into the effects of popular culture and music, Leckey’s installation “Green Screen Refrigerator “2010 – 2016” gives center stage to the new Smart Appliance, bookended only by the Samsung Smart Television, Samsung Smart Computer, Samsung Speakers and, of course, the infamous Samsung Smartphone. In an accompanying video, Leckey channels every Samsung executive’s dream and morphs with the inner life of the refrigerator and the brand that it represents. Taken one step further, Leckey of course knows, that in our age of ever widening information availability, your tubs of ice cream and slabs of bacon could one day influence your health insurance rates and that one bottle too many of premium vodka in the Family Hub could jeopardize your college application or nix the promotion that you so desperately deserve. Through March 5.