Echoing Brancusi, acclaimed ceramicist Arlene Shechet often integrates the plinth into her elegant, sensuous structures whose allure belies the technical mastery they entail. In Shechet’s new sculptures currently on view at Sikkema Jenkins, clay is at times integrated architecturally in form of bricks and at other times fused like molten lava around underpinnings of wood, steel and concrete. Beautifully presented, Shechet combines dissonant materials that seep into crevices or sprout mold-like growths. Don’t miss Shechet’s dialogue with 18th century Meissen porcelain at the Frick where she intersperses stunning pieces of the Arnhold Collection with works from her residency at the Meissen Porcelain Factory in Germany. At Sikkema Jenkins through November 12. Arlene Shechet “Porcelain No Simple Matter” is on view at the Frick’s Portico Gallery through April 2, 2017.