It is hard to post an image of a painting by Agnes Martin. Throughout her career, Martin strived to represent subjective emotions in her hand-made paintings – a sentiment that she hoped would transfer onto the viewer but hardly comes through on a screen. A fascinating video as part of the extraordinary retrospective of Martin’s work currently on view at the Guggenheim Museum shows Martin at work with this spiritual communion through the brush. The film shows Martin at the twilight of her career working at a large canvas with deep concentration and a steady hand but with an emotive transcendence that is acutely palpable. This painting is from this later period of Martin’s career where she took a break from the strict grids and stripes of minimalism and returned to a gentler, more nature-based form of Abstract Expressionism. She also started to title her works. This one is called Gratitude. Gratitude indeed – Thank you Agnes Martin. Through January 11.