Trenton Doyle Hancock’s complex new paintings are fantastical semi-sculptural works that weave storytelling, childhood impressions and socio-politics into the collapsing narrative frames of the graphic novel. In the masterfully executed Cubist-Comic “The She Wolf Amongst Them Fed Undom’s Conundrum”, a lithe football player is battling a brainy she-monster amid a background of ghostly forest ghouls. Hancock employs the familiar staggered grid of the graphic novel as foundation but then scatters the letters of the palindrome text at the bottom into the scene, leaving the viewer to pierce together his own personalized storyline. Echoing Picasso and Matisse, the work is a technical feast that proves Hancock’s keen color awareness, superb knowledge of spatial composition and his mastery of Gestalt principals. At James Cohan through November 27.