Dismissed by critics as “retinal titillations” and “optical delusions”, Op Art and its sculptural counterpart Kinetic Art have long fought the stigma of merely being gimmicky entertainment for the eye. New York based artist Loie Hollowell is challenging this highbrow critique by introducing the human body and its myriad ways of looking at it into her brilliantly executed and sexually charged abstractions. In Hollowell’s work, subtle nuances of color, shape and light are clever facilitators for illusion and depth and morph into sensual bodily landscapes that channel the symbolism of Georgia O’Keefe or the transcendentalist outlines of Agnes Pelton. By keeping her luscious shapes deliberately ambiguous and surreal, Hollowell not only invokes the optical illusion of the physical body but also the lingering sensation of desire. At Feuer/Mesler through December 8.