Seven years after her death, Louise Bourgeois still does not cease to amaze. The breadth and depth of the late artist’s diverse artistic practice ranges from installations, paintings, and printmaking to, of course, her celebrated sculptures. But very few people outside her extensive fan base know that in 1998 Bourgeois, in collaboration with C-Project, also created eight hauntingly beautiful Holograms. The small boxes transport viewers into 3D scenes suffused with the artist’s emblematic brooding and sexually charged psychology, underscored by a hazy bordello red that conjures an uneasy feeling of impeding dread. The technology was state-of-the-art at the time: Laser beams recorded the light bouncing off of the contents of a photograph and are then etched onto glass. The glass appears black until the viewer stands directly in front of the boxes resulting into an uncannily voyeuristic 3D view onto scenes where either something dreadful has just happened or is about to commence. At Cheim & Read through February 11.