In “Fifteen Million Merits”, Episode 2 of the darkly satirical TV series “Black Mirror”, everyone in a bleak dystopian future must cycle daily on exercise bikes to accumulate a currency called Merits. Obese people are second class citizens who are relegated to cleaning around the machines or are made fun of in game shows. Soul Gym, the brilliant new show by artist duo Simon Evans and Sarah Lannan currently on view at James Cohan Gallery, takes on our increasing obsession with fitness, self-improvement and social media representation through brilliantly collaged text clutters and elaborate drawings. The artists are savvy readers of our current social reality and imply that the dystopian fiction in Black Mirror is closer than we think. Here is a detail of the elaborate patchwork “Black Magic Capitalism” where the viewer is pounded into visual exhaustion by an onslaught of exertions to Run, Run, Run to self-fulfilment and success! Through March 5.