Important media works by American video pioneer Lynn Hershman Leeson are currently on view at Bridget Donahue. The exhibition shows key works from the 1970s until today which relate Leeson’s primary concerns with feminism, gender identity, and sexuality in an ever-tightening online straitjacket. Particularly disquieting is “Home Front”, a video installation in a pinterest-worthy doll house where the viewer becomes an oversized creepy voyeur to scenes of domestic strife. But it is Leeson’s often brutal self analysis in the single channel video confessional “The Complete Electronic Diaries” (1986-1994) that haunts long after you leave the gallery. It is a brutally honest, Nan Goldinesque, autobiography of love, loss and sexual dependency that shows the artist’s brilliant manipulation of viewer’s unease by directly confronting the camera and thereby transforming the spectator into the reluctant role of psychoanalyst. Through March 19.