Gladtone’s uptown gallery is currently showing a series of important work by the Italian Post-War artist Mimmo Rotella from the early 1950’s through the early 1960s. The body of work that Rotella produced during this period was largely inspired by the barrage of movie and advertising posters that started to pop up all over the artist’s adopted city of Rome, and is divided into two distinct methodologies: Rotella’s “Décollages” are reverse collages where instead of adding elements, it starts with billboard announcements where the material is methodically stripped away to unmask a new relationship between text and consumer goods. In contrast, the artist’s “Retro D’Affiches”, moves the action to the back of the posters by adding the Arte Provera materials of glue and rust. Rotella’s visionary experimentation with advertising posters proved hugely influential on the burgeoning pop art movement in Europe and America and its related emphasis on language and text. At Gladstone through June 17.