Rodney Graham is the commanding star in his new large-scale lightbox works. Here he is as a surely art history teacher, a lounge musician eating his own music, or an antiquarian sleeping in his shop. The staging is elaborate and the details historically spot-on but something is not quite right in either setting. A brilliant scene shows Graham on a park bench reading a newspaper from 1878, holes cut through it as if to look through to a future he can’t quite believe. In the Coat Puller, Graham plays a distinguished gentleman of a certain age struggling to get into his coat, about to leave his house for a rainy stroll; an eerie Hitchcockian scene of a dimly-lit hallway throwing long, dark shadows on the wall behind. Graham’s new work originates from a deep understanding of current and past culture. Coupled with a sly sense of humor, he shrewdly claws at the grand pillars of bourgeois culture: art history, literature and philosophy. At 303 Gallery through June 2.