Before Susan Hiller gets out of bed, she tries to remember and record her dreams. Hiller thinks of artmaking of an unconscious, unforced process, digging deep into the realm of the spiritual with the aim to unearth deep-seated cultural and historical relics. The American-born, London based artist works across photography, installation, video and audio, studiously examining the cerebral and the hard-to-explain. Her ongoing, hauntingly beautiful “Aura Series” are photo portraits of ordinary people from a variety of cultural and social strata and are based on Marcel Duchamp’s belief in a sitter’s “Aura”, a range of individual color fields radiating from a subject’s body. Her newest work “After Duchamp” merges fifty individual aura portraits into one monumental work that brilliantly captures how the idiosyncratic and ephemeral beauty of the individual unconscious shapes the collective spirituality of a culture. At Lisson Gallery through June 10.