Joan Jonas is the perfect introduction to Gavin Brown’s sprawling new gallery space in Harlem. With characteristic elegance and offhand subtlety, Jonas expertly animates three raw warehouse floors into transcendental investigations of time and space with the help of immersive multi-media installations, drawings, and performance objects. Jonas’ interdisciplinary practice explores the spiritual nature of movement, rhythm and sound vis a vis the fragility of our environment and the brittle quality of humanity. In “Stream or River, Flight or Pattern”, a video installation on three screens, fragments of trees, paper kites, performers and rivers meld into a pastoral, otherworldly realm – all held aloft by rhythmic sound waves of birds, quietude, women’s singsong, and interspersed with fragments of warm light. The experience is a wondrous and mind-bending journey into the depths of the human condition. At Gavin Brown through June 11.