The twelve large-scale charcoal drawings by Robert Longo currently on view at Metro Pictures are brilliant but sober studies on political, cultural and sports events as seen through the lens of the American media. Longo’s technique emphasises the meaning of the original image: A snap-shot of beefy football players receives a shiny surface; a riff, perhaps, on the fetishization of the American sports culture. A drawing of the American flag is sumptuous but its majestic grandeur undermined by a split frame. A rendering of blind-folded CIA prisoners being led to a CIA black site is haunting in its blurriness. The star of the show is an imposing triptych of refugees cast adrift in the Mediterranean. The water takes up three-quarters of the drawing, the overcrowded raft just about touching the horizon. The work has the chilling effect of the viewer being pulled down into the depths of the ocean. The show is a masterful tour de force of an American artist at the pulse of American culture and politics, who is able to lift images from the relentless stream of mass media and imbues them with a heightened significance. At Metro Pictures through June 17.