It’s a tricky thing when an artist involves his family in the art making process. Is it artistic nepotism? The cementing of a dynasty? For the late Swiss conceptual artist, Dieter Roth, having his family working alongside him seemed as natural as picking up a paint brush. Roth’s studio was not only a place of personal artistic expression and intense experimentation but also a sort of family business where Roth’s son, Björn, worked closely with his father and eventually his grandsons Oddur and Einar joined in as well. The output of this most unusual family collaboration is currently on view at Hauser & Wirth. There is a sprawling re-installation of Roth’s studio space complete with paintings by Björn; Roth’s seminal artist’s books, “Flacher Abfall/Flat Waste” a sprawling installation of over 600 binder’s that hold the family’s garbage and finally, for those viewers in need of some sustenance, there is the “Roth Bar” a recreation of a bar made by Roth of salvaged materials that serve such hipster food as Vegan sunchoke soup and cruelty free lattes. At Hauser & Wirth through July 29.