Restless, unconventional and marked by impulsive stylistic shifts, the oeuvre of the late Belgian artist Philippe Vandenberg defies characterization yet is revered precicely for its inability to tick a particular formal or aesthetic box. The thin loose thread that runs through his countless experimentations, U-turns and impulsive about-faces illustrates Vandenberg’s immense indignation at urgent social concerns and exposes a fierce passion for literature, art history and language. The last years of Vandenberg’s artistic output were marked by intense investigations into the intersections of language, text and color that produced multi-layered and rich drawings, paintings and book projects and are now part of a titillating exhibition curated by the director of the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, Anthony Huberman. Particularly compelling are Vandenberg’s word play drawings that manage to simultaneously fuse symbolism, language and text into brilliant abstract compositions. At Hauser & Wirth through July 28.