There are only a few works on view in Ceal Floyer’s elegant new exhibition at 303 gallery but they nevertheless bag a real punch. Floyer toys with simple objects, changing their innate perception into something vexing. A typical small desk balance ball meant to relieve stress is knotted up into a discombobulated mess – the stress relief withheld for the viewer. A row of dominos set up to be knocked over in to a cascading elegance is unsatisfactorily set up too close – the yearning for action denied. Try to reach the back gallery and find your way blocked by a menacing saw blade cutting a hole through the floor – a hint of caution, perhaps, for an overly eager collector. Floyer’s best work is her video “Plughole”, prominently projected onto the back wall of the gallery. A stream of water is precisely repositioned to fill each hole of an ordinary drain but the water does not comply and emerges back through the other holes – a cunning reminder of irritating people, things, thoughts and feelings that just don’t want to go away. At 303 gallery through July 14.