There was more than a fair share of adults at the recent opening of Alexander Calder’s “Hypermobilty” at the Whitney, despite the fact that the artist once famously said: “My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six.” Calder is, of course, more than just whimsy and fun. Aside from the technical and mathematical intelligence, his “Mobiles” demonstrate an unsurpassed poetic communion with nature, color, weight and balance. Also on display are several of Calder’s motored objects. Newly restored and operated by specially trained handlers several times a day, they lack spontaneity and improvisation – a reason why Calder preferred autonomously moving designs where air or a slight touch determines their visual effects. Some of the more arresting pieces are hovering delicately above the crowd – a few parts touching each other ever so slightly activated merely by a breath of air or an imagined human touch. At the Whitney Museum of American Art through October 23.