Mercifully lacking a contrived theme, the summer group show at Petzel Gallery simply features a fine selection of deftly executed figurative sculptures by six gallery artists. Greeting the viewer at the door, Jon Pylypchuk’s sculpture “allright I guess I can’t be sincere to you anymore” is simply the sum of its parts: a figure on a pedestal made with tennis rackets and lightbulbs for eyes; Keith Edmier’s “Medea” is cast from pink dental stone and rises from the exploded kiln of the late artist Lowell Grant;  Sean Landers’ casts a beautifully menacing god Pan; Heimo Zobernig‘s take on the classical contrapposto is a 3D composition of three sculptures; bulky, elegant and graceful, Georg Herold’s “Brown Betelgeuze is a beautifully imagined bronze of the second-brightest star of Orion. Here is Nicola Tyson’s two graceful dancing figures made from pieces of hollowed out firewood. At Petzel through August 4.