Often labeled as “The Greatest Artist You Have Never Heard Of”, Ray Johnson, American prankster, obsessive mailer of things and all-around enfant terrible of New York’s avant-garde, still has a cult-like following among youngish art hipsters that grapple with a contemporary art world that can’t seem to laugh at itself. Twenty-two years after his baffling suicide-cum-artwork, Matthew Marks Gallery is now showing some of the collages, objects and complex word plays that occupied the artist during the last years of his life. Increasingly isolated and grappling with crushing depression, Johnson’s savvy photomontages invite artist friends and idols onto the same page and often morph into bitingly sarcastic commentary such as this composition from 1972 “Untitled (Cage, Picasso, Magritte, Donald Tru) in which our current president is making an impromptu appearance. At Matthew Marks through August 18.