Slipping into the cool and glam world of Florine Stettheimer feels like a refreshing dip in the pool during the summer heat. The beautifully arranged show at the Jewish museum, brings together 71 works of the spirited Jazz age polymath, including set and costume designs for her fantastical ballet Orpheée des Quat’z’Arts. Nonetheless, the true gems of the exhibition are Stettheimer’s intricately rendered and colorful depictions of the wealthy New York avant-garde during the heady 1920s and 1930s. Often, Stettheimer’s energetic, richly symbolic, and vibrantly colored scenes of daily life of the rich and glamorous are thinly disguised attempts at satire; such as this brilliant painting of beach revelers at a segregated resort in New Jersey, where a vivacious mixed-race crowd parties without a care in the world. At the Jewish Museum through September 24.