The romantification of the 70’s downtown art scene shows no sign of abating. Its chief protagonist, Peter Hujar, chronicler of the perennially broke and drugged-out, has inspired album covers, ad campaigns, book covers and fashion trends and sent prices of his photographs into new stratospheres. A full scale Hujar retrospective is planned for the Morgan Library in 2018. For those who cannot wait, a fascinating glimpse into the by-gone era of the allegedly more authentic, unadulterated art world can now be viewed in form of Hujar’s studio group portrait series “Tribe” from 1966 which shows a tame, properly-attired, and sober group of artists which includes, among others, Eva Hesse, Susi Bloch, Nancy Fish, Harold Krieger, and Paul Thek, and who would probably be dumbfounded by the fuss everyone is making about their time today. At Alexander and Bonin through October 21.