Larry Rivers would have loved social media. Born in 1940 in the Bronx as Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg, Rivers craved the public eye, re-inventing himself several times during his chaotic life as musician, poet, actor, sculptor and painter; all with the chutzpah of an all-around bad boy. It seems fitting then, that he should take on some of the sacred cows of the self-important art establishment and give them a little taste of the Larry Rivers treatment. A fine selection of the artist’s (Re)Appropriations are currently on view at Tibor de Nagy Gallery. They include parodies of Shakespeare, American consumer culture, and take-downs of de Kooning and Matisse. The undisputed highlight of the exhibition is Rivers’ masterpiece of the acclaimed poet Frank O’Hara painted nude with boots. It’s a defiant but tender token of their friendship which proves Rivers’ mastery of realism at a time when only abstract art was considered avant-garde. At Tibor de Nagy Gallery through October 29.