“Delirious”, the unapologetically fun exhibition currently on view at the Met Breuer, explores how an international group of artists in the 1960s and 1970s declared war on Order, Stability, and Rationality and instead made art that was messy, hallucinary, and sometimes outright deranged. Arranged around four sections, Vertigo, Excess, Nonsense, and Twisted, the show exhibits sixty-three artists from Europe, the US and South America who employ humor, repetition, and the effects of hallucinogenic drugs, to take the air out of privilege, consumerism, urbanization and the absurdity of war. Here is Yayoi Kusama’s high heels & dicks assemblage “Ladder” from 1963 perfectly at home in Marcel Breuer’s stone and concrete masterpiece from 1966. At Met Breuer through January 14.