“Suffragette City”, a traveling feminist protest show by Dutch-born artist Lara Schnitger has arrived at Anton Kern. Beautifully presented, the exhibition addresses urgent questions of female sexuality, the male gaze in female dress and investigates the fault-line between the respectable and the obscene. Three shop mannequins modeling Schnitger’s “burden backpacks” greet the visitor at the door. They are oversized wooden latticework rucksacks which are overlaid with plaid ribbons that look light but are, in fact, unwieldy and burdensome. Two gorgeous large-scale sculptures, one in the back gallery on the first floor and the other one on the second floor, recall religious deities on litters. Sheathed in silk, burlap, nylon and feathers they point to the obsessive deification of women throughout history which bound them to their position in the workplace and the family. A small army of Schnitger’s “Slut Sticks” are framing the gallery walls. They are tall, wooden skeleton-like structures over which she stretches sexual fetish wear like nylon, lingerie, leather and wigs and are held in place by a single hand that seems to emerge from the wall. Schnitger’s fabric collages are magnificent. Meticulously executed, they are powerful pieces of protest art and remind us that despite tremendous progress there is still a steep climb ahead when it comes to women’s rights. At Anton Kern through December 23.