Recent Maria-Lassnig-Prize winner and Glasgow-based artist Cathy Wilkes’ introspective installations are narratives of sober domesticity where the female is the main or implied actor. Effeminate predicaments such as the trials of childbirth, marital loneliness, the tedium of raising children, unwanted pregnancies, and the looming specter of domestic violence permeate an exhibition of Wilkes’ recent work currently on view at MomaPS1. A cracked ceramic saucer carefully placed on the floor speaks of anguish and distress; elsewhere, a hunched-over figure is pulled by fabric strings towards a shattered object on the floor; still in another room an empty pram in a corner oozes sorrow and loss. Maximizing empathy and personal cognizance, Peter Eleey designed the exhibition as a meandering discovery path with only a few visitors allowed in at a time. It is a somber but never preachy introduction to the small and big cruelties of life. At MomaPS1 through March 11.