The underlying genius of Stephen Shore’s photographic still lifes and landscapes are his unprecedented implied presence. In each of Shore’s shots you can FEEL the person behind the lens, experience the engagement with the world he inhabits. Despite the tight framework, you know he was there. In a new series of photography, the master shows off the technical wonders of his new Hasselblatt X1D, a digital camera which produces images of uncanny sharpness in astonishing detail. Under Shore’s masterful eye, the cracks and paint bubbles in a blue tile wall, the knobs and brittleness of a tree branch, or the grease stains on a discarded Baskin Robbins paper bag can become an epiphany on the beauty of our daily surroundings. The Hasselblatt works are currently on view at 303 Gallery and a retrospective of the artist’s work over the last five decades is currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art. At 303 Gallery through February 11 & at Moma through May 28.