Summer group exhibition round-up IV. The hidden pleasure of visiting summer shows rests in the unexpected discovery of apreviously unknown artist. Galerie Lelong presents a three-womenshow that includes Lebanese-born artist Edel Adnan and the feminist performance artist Carolee Schneemann. Also on view are five small geometric abstractions by the little-known Brazilian artist Ione Saldanha (1921-2001). They are stunning. Grainy blocks of color, impressions of city architecture, underlie each composition. They are set on moody backgrounds, their bleeding lines creating a gently swaying ripple effect. She then translates these ideas into three-dimensionality via “ripas”, tall and slender wood slabs painted with vibrant bands of color that recall festive totems. Meditative and cerebral, elegant and harmonious – Saldanha works effortlessly weave symmetry with ethereal beauty. At Galerie Lelong through August 3.