Summer group exhibition round-up V. Women-only shows have had their sceptics. While some artists say that gender imbalance in the arts is long overdue for a correction, others are ambivalent to be viewed through the lens of gender. The Mechanics of Fluids is a women-only show that ponders the fluidity of female body movement in relation to process. Organized by Melissa Gordon the exhibition features works by Lynda Benglis, Elisa Breton, Helen Frankenthaler, Melissa Gordon, Jacqueline Humphries, Lisa Oppenheim, Laura Owens, Charlotte Posenenske, Josephine Pryde, Eileen Quinlan, Amy Sillman, and Mika Tajima. Whether or not gender and physical attributes alter the trajectory of abstract art is debatable. True, however, are the extraordinary technical and aesthetic achievements of the assembled artists who managed overcome male orthodoxy in art history to alter and elevate the trajectory of art. This is Amy Sillman’s silkscreen print SK59 in front of an architectural intervention by Mellissa Gordon. At Marianne Boesky through August 3.