Condo New York round-up III. Mitchell Algus Gallery is hosting Mary Mary, Glasgow with works by Rose Marcus and Sara Barker. Glasgow-based artist Sara Barker makes sculpture/painting combos. She paints figurative abstract tableaus with auto paint directly on geometric aluminium sheet configurations and morphs lines into three-dimensionality via protruding thin metal rods. Rose Marcus is a photographer of New York public spaces, signs, and architecture. Careful layering of easily recognizable imagery create blurry Richter-like effects; a nod, perhaps, to the current post-truth reality where nothing is what it seems and objectivity and rationality give way to emotions even when facts prove otherwise. As if to ground us to an earlier, less complicated world, the exhibition is sprinkled throughout with several exquisite black-and-white Body/Sculpture photographs by Hans Breder. At Mitchell Algus Gallery through July 27.