Condo New York round-up IV. Van Doren Waxter gallery is hosting Grey Noise, Dubai, and Maisterravalbuena, Madrid/Lisbon with works by Fahd Burki, Caetano de Almeida, Joana Escoval, Néstor Sanmiguel Diest, and Maximilian Schubert. Ten small geometric and biomorphic abstractions by Spanish artist Néstor Sanmiguel Diest (b. 1949) confound with clarity of focus, comprehension of color theory, and mastery of restraint. Stripped to its most basic forms Diest’s symbolic vocabulary tames chaos in favour of logical order yet leaves the door open to subjective ambiguity. The simplicity of these works belie the artist’s keen interest in literature and philosophy as it relates to repetition, mathematics, and logic which he employs as tools to distil an enigmatic world to its most fundamental essence. At Van Doren Waxter through July 28.