A Who’s Who of the contemporary art market is currently on display at Levy Gorvy. Organized by co-founder Brett Gorvy under the vague umbrella of the sublime (and subliminally the expensive), it includes such tantalizing morsels as Cy Twombly’s hypnotic blackboard scribbles, Robert Ryman’s whitish/green ‘Untitled’ from 1962, Lee Bontecou’s black hole, several Dubuffet butterfly collages, a few shadow boxes by Joseph Cornell, a mesmerizing Agnes Martin striped painting, surrealist works by Max Ernst, RenéMagritte, Yves Tanguy, and Joan Miró, a large nail painting by Günther Uecker, a Jasper Johns Flag, a glorious work by Carol Rama and many more. Here is Hannah Wilke’s latex and snaps assemblage “Mellow Yellow” from 1975. At Levy Gorvy through October 24.