Opulent, flamboyant, breathtaking. Raqib Shaw’s new intoxicating landscapes take us to the unimaginable beauty and lush scenery of his childhood Kashmir. Largely eschewing the erotic violence that tinged his earlier works, Shaw weaves fantastical tales borrowed from Indian mythology set among lakes fringed with lotus flowers, terraced Mughal-era gardens, and intricate Nagara-style architecture. Shaw’s painting process is taking craft to delirious heights. Intricate drawings of birds, lush foliage, and labyrinthine décor get projected onto canvas which he then traces and outlines with stained glass liner. He mixes industrial enamel paint into jewel-like colors which he pours into each individual section often blending hues to create patterns and optical depth. Even with a small army of assistants, a painting can take several years to complete. The results are stunning – almost as if Holbein, Lucas Cranach and Hieronymus Bosch were meeting in an exotic daydream and decided to have an all-out bacchanal. At Pace through May 18.