A fascinating dialogue between stunningly beautiful Navajo textiles and Agnes Martin’s minimal paintings is currently taking place at Pace Gallery. When viewed side by side, a number of captivating formal and conceptual affinities unfold. Like many of Agnes Martin’s compositions, Navajo textile design embraces harmony and balance through alternating widths of banding, deploys monochrome geometric patterns, and uses a gradating mirror perspective. Although there are no accounts of Martin ever directly borrowing from Navajo textile design, her physical proximity to the culture and history of the Native American tribes of New Mexico must not have left her untouched. Agnes Martin once said that that “what we make is what we feel.” The meditative quality of repetitive forms, the silence that blankets the Mesa, a serenity that spawns dignity, the intensity of nature, and the expansiveness of the plains that is reflected in the horizonal line, are the underpinnings of the visual and emotive experience that engulfs this exhibition. At Pace through December 21.