A small selection of works by Al Loving at Garth Greenan Gallery shows the artist’s extraordinary breadth of formal and material proficiency. Created after his “escape from the box” in the 1970’s, the works play with the giddy sense freedom that comes with the sudden awareness that the door to the cage is wide open. Born from his torn canvas paintings, Loving’s mixed media works pierce together vibrant paper collages into meandering compositions that meld the painterly with the sculptural. Overlapping patterns and shapes animate the space around them with a boundless energy that emanates from the barely contained swirling motion within. Loving came to these works only after a complete break with his earlier, commercially successful, hard-edged abstraction. In art history, sadly some gems only crystallize after stepping back. The au courant vivacity of these works is testament that the agony of a u-turn in an artist’s oeuvre will eventually be rewarded, if only post-humously. At Garth Greenan Gallery through December 21.