Alan Turner makes humorous sculptures out of papier mache and Arthur Cohen paints rodeo bulls. Both are quintessential New Yorkers and friends since art camp. A delightful show at Mitchell Algus Gallery brings together the two artists whose serious art practice is grounded in an absolute devotion to painting and whose genre diversity betrays an individualism and broad-mindedness that is part of any New Yorker’s DNA. If pressed to find a thread running through the show, it could be a pre-occupation with space; that typical New York value both jealously guarded and obsessively traded. Arthur Cohen’s thrashing bulls are constrained into tight rectangles on neural white ground whereas Alan Turner’s obsession with the architectural elements of cardboard boxes and a newfound infatuation with funnels and strainers recall the anxiety and stress that comes with city life. But then again, it might just two friends having fun. At Mitchell Algus through November 29.