Family portraits are tricky. Long simmering feuds, complex sibling relationships, overbearing parents and underwhelming offspring usually don’t make for harmonious compositions. In a new series of photographs Polish-born artist Aneta Bartos trains her lens on the fraught relationship with her aging body builder father. Set entirely in rural Poland, the shots feature Bartos’ father sporting a tight-fitting speedo often in company of his equally scantily-clad daughter. Bartos, a former fashion photographer, shot the entire series on expired rolls of Polaroid and 126 film, and treats each scene with an Edward Steichen-like overlay of haze that underscores the bizarre undercurrent of sexuality that stands in stark contrast to the over-confident muscular masculinity of a body past its prime. In “Family Portrait” Bartos’s accomplishes the rare feat of thrusting the female gaze onto a complicated, personal, narrative that leaves a nagging residue of unease long after you leave the gallery. At Postmasters through October 14.