Thomas Erben Gallery is bringing together four stellar intergenerational artists in a small but cerebral group exhibition that ponders, through a variety of media, the existential, observational, factual, philosophical and idealistic complexities of our existence. The eclectic polaroids of the late German artist Horst Ademeit are obsessive recordings of “cold rays” and other forms of real and imaged radiation that in the artist’s complex reality measure up to the irrational recording of fear. Picking up on the contextual aggregation of irrationality, Jason Eberspeaker’s small oil paintings are moody abstractions that fuse movement with inertia in a superb showing of suspended animation whereas Kahlil Robert Irving’s rich ceramic pieces brilliantly fuse tradition with contemporary culture. The real high-light of the exhibition, however, are Mira Schor’s breezy child-like stick figure paintings.  Bitingly satirical and ethnolocially spot-on, they are powerful political manifestos that traverse the byway between language and painting. At Thomas Erben Gallery through February 10.