For the last fifty years, the driving force behind Barbara Turner Smith’s multi-faceted art practice has been an unwavering devotion in seeking equal rights and opportunities for women and the exposure of manipulation of consumer culture via new technology. A performance piece from 1974 has special resonance in today’s world. For “Scan 1”, Smith sat one group of white-robed performers in front of television commercials that asked them, according to pre-determined signals embedded in the skit, to blow bubblegum, smoke or stick out color-painted tongues. A second observing group was challenged to decipher the codes that prompted the response. The piece, originally performed at the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles, is an eerily foreboding message from the past that seeks to rip us out of the mass hypnosis brought on by social media and a 24-hour breaking-news cycle. Documentation of “Scan 1” together with the performance piece “Longest Day of Night” from 1973 and “Outside Chance” from 1975 are currently on view at Andrew Kreps Gallery through February 24.