Before Facebook, there was Bernadette Mayer. In July 1971, the acclaimed poet, editor and conceptual artist took a roll of thirty-six color snapshots every day for the entire month, recording the minute going-ons of her life which she accompanied with 8 hours of spoken, unflinching commentary. “Memory”, one of the first rule-bound performative artworks was originally envisioned as a slide project piece which became a process performance piece that later morphed into a book. For her sole installation in 1972 at 98 Greene Street, an experimental art space run by Holly Solomon, Mayer arranged the 1116 individual photographs in a rectangular grid occasionally interrupted by handwritten cards of the day of the month. The no-nonsense grid-like arrangement of Mayer’s stream of consciousness, which the artist referred to as an “Emotional Science Project” can now be viewed at Canada Gallery through October 8.