Cary Smith’s buoyant works are proof that there are still plenty of possibilities in geometric abstraction. Meticulously executed, Smith’s works pick up the pictorial language of the classics but breathe fresh life into the minimalist art form through innovative color combinations and clever new spacial relationships. Energetic crisscrossing grey and yellow lines on white backroad recall shattered glass, whereas the same line gets disciplined into multi-dimensional grids in a blue or red environment. Elsewhere, multi-colored blocks of color dance on a powder-blue background and closely-set geometric circles on back background inspire movement and speed. Smith often frames his compositions in multi-hued outlines so that the visual experience is different on various entry points of the pictorial plane. Cary Smith is a masterful manipulator of color which he teases out to dramatic effect with expertly placed lines and forms. At Fredericks & Freiser through November 18.