Truth & Beauty: Charles White and his Circle considers the artist’s work in relation to the group of black artists that he inspired and those he sought inspiration from. It complements the first major museum survey dedicated to the artist in over thirty years at the Museum of Modern Art. Charles White was an activist, teacher and a mentor. His influence on black culture and his contribution towards the emancipation of black art in the entrenched cultural discourse was momentous and far-reaching. To now-famous artists, such as David Hammons and Kerry James Marshall, White would be a trigger of pride and dignity and the spark that kindled their careers. Charles White was a master draughtsman. Doggedly defensive of realism, even when most of the art world moved into other directions, White drew civil rights activists, entertainers as well as ordinary people. He studied his subject to the minutest detail capturing the spirituality of the human nature with precision and grace. His legacy on African American history and culture lives on in his work and through the countless artists and activists that he inspired. At Michael Rosenfeld through November 10.