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Christian Brandl’s paintings are full of unrealized possibilities and the complex way situations stimulate memories. Echoing the melancholic subjects of Edward Hopper as well as the unsettled promise of the Untitled Film Stills by Cindy Sherman, Brandl’s figures inhabit reductivist environments where the viewer is thrust into a scene where something important either just happened or is about to ensue. The persistence of the figure, extreme technical proficiency and the penchant for the surreal share the DNA with his fellow Leipziger Schule colleagues but the congruence ends with Brandl’s idiosyncratic restrained colour palette, cinematic viewpoint, and elegantly spare mise-en-scѐnes. In Hier Brandl forces an innate sense of tension within a tableau where superfluous ornamentation has been stripped away to highlight the isolation of its subjects. Brandl’s careful placement of the human figure is evident in Mondnacht. Here Brandl uses light and shadow to heighten contrast and employs nature as a compositional prop to stress a psychological relationship puzzle.

Mondnacht, 130×90 cm, oil on canvas, 2013
Hier, 150×175 cm, oil on canvas, 2012

Brandl was born in 1970 in Erfurt/East Germany. Between 1994 and 1999 he studied painting under Professor Arno Rink at the Hochschule für Graphik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and was  “Meisterschüler” under Professor Ulrich Hachulla between 1999 and 2001. In 2001 he received a scholarship from the Aldegrever-Gesellschaft Münster as well as the prestigious Lessingstipendium from the City of Kamenz.

Brandl was featured artist of numerous solo exhibitons such as Zweitausendsieben at Galerie Leuenroth Frankfurth/M. (2008), Schöne Aussichten Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig (2009), Galerie am Ratswall, Bitterfeld (2011) and Die Leute auf den Bildern Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig (2012). Selected group shows include Realism in Leipzig at the Drents Museum, Assen (2009), Leipzig Painters, Gallery Baton, Seoul/South Korea, Convoy Leipzig, Biksady Gallery, Budapest (2011), Es Lebe die Malerei, Collection Essl, Klosterneuburg, (2012) and Interpreted World and Fragile Realities, KuK, Aachen (2013). Brandl lives and works in Leipzig.