Christina Forrer’s figurative weavings are dramatic scenes of contorting figures and implausible acrobatic feats that launch into full-on mayhem. Forrer interweaves cotton, wool, and linen into disturbing narratives of fear and rage. Cartoon-like characters in animated terror are physically tethered to each other by snake-like coils that emerge from their mouths and ears, others convolute as if speaking and listening is being reduced to streams of vomit. The insane ascension of the bodies towards some sort of deranged climax is underscored by a background of streaming bands of color as well as the monumental verticality of the works. In the end, the source of the terror is neither clear nor new but highly emblematic and lodged in the deepest folds of our subconscious as so vividly predicated by the pre-eminent weaver of apocalyptic tales, Hieronymus Bosch. At Luhring Augustine through April 20.