If you could present your passions and ideas on a shelf, what would it contain? Claes Oldenburg gave it a try. In a nostalgic look back on a long and productive artist career, Oldenburg assembled fifteen mise-en-scènes on standard metal shelves combining miniature versions of some of his most iconic objects together with personal doodads and random studio finds. “Shelf Life”, an exhibition currently on view at Pace Gallery, is a move away from Oldenburg’s enormous, glossy sculptures and provides a whimsical and sentimental look back on the artist’s concepts and inspirations. Shelf Life Number 8 is a somber city scape that features two of his iconic brown light switches. In Shelf Life Number 6, standards, like the banana peel and the paint brush, get center stage. Shelf Life Number 2 has a sports theme (who knew), and Shelf Life Number 11 is a beautiful assemblage of miniature metal sculptures. Shelf Life Number 1 is my favorite, where a clever trio of plaid bunnies invent a new form of catapult bowling. At Pace, through November 11.