In a site-specific installation, currently on view at Metro Pictures, David Maljković is concerned with the perception of his art in the public view. The Croatian-born artist re-configures earlier works in a stage-like setting, complete with a microphone that disappears into the wall and floor-based glass vitrines, where the role of the performer is being shifted onto the viewer who crotch must down, crane his neck and sometimes even guess at the contents of rolled-up artworks. Perhaps the obsessive re-contextualization of his work stems from the disorienting fragmentation of Maljković’s native country. Be that as it may, Maljković need not question the autonomy of his work, nor does he need to hide it. His small oil paintings are delightful. Elegantly mounted on grey dibond, they inhabit graceful stains of seafoam, delicate pinks and washed out purples which are overlaid with faint laser etchings that spill out of their self-imposed frame. These quiet works hint at a larger purpose which no amount of re-orchestration can obscure. At Metro Pictures through February 24.